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Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1

Сегодня поступил в продажу официальный саундтрек Steven Universe. Саундтрек включает в себя 37 ремастеров песен, доступен в iTunes за 10 долларов или в Google Play за символические 89 рублей. 


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1.We Are the Crystal Gems (Main Title)
2.Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart
3.Cookie Cat
4.Giant Woman
5.Strong in the Real Way
6.Steven and the Stevens
7.Big Fat Zucchini
8.Steven and the Crystal Gems
9.Dear Old Dad
10.Be Wherever You Are
11.On the Run
14.Lapis Lazuli
15.Wailing Stone
16.Stronger Than You
17.Full Disclosure
18.We Are the Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song)
19.Jam Song
20.Do It for Her
21.What Can I Do (For You)
22.Tower of Mistakes
23.Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)
24.Something Entirely New
25.Peace and Love on the Planet Earth
26.Don’t Cost Nothing
27.Empire City
28.Mr. Greg
29.It’s Over Isn’t It
30.Both of You
31.Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)
32.I Think I Need a Little (Change)
33.Here Comes a Thought
34.Still Not Giving Up
35.I Could Never Be (Ready)
36.What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?
37.Love Like You (End Credits)


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