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Stets Uninu in a Nutshell - Steven Universe (ANIMATIC),Entertainment,steven universe,su,animatic,animation,animated,storyboard,stets uninu,ytp,youtube poop,steven universe animatic,stets uninu reaction,stets at the gallery,stets trips on a swordfish,stets gets arrested for space arson,amethyst,pearl,garnet,ruby,sapphire,peridot,lapis lazuli,yellow diamond,blue diamond,pink diamond,connie maheswaran,the marvelous misadventures of a boy named stets. --- as some of you may know, i'm pals with a local su ytp creator, stets uninu! she recently had her birthday, and to celebrate, i put her glorious creations to life. this is almost a week late but it's a considerably long animatic so i'm MOVING ON ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ some notes: 1. i chose all of the stets videos chronologically, all condensed under a minute. i only animated parts that were worth drawing to, so that might be why some really funny moments were left out. sometimes the original's good enough 2. i also added in side jokes that weren't a part of the original concept. hey, it's my thing. 3. coincidentally, stets and i first interacted exactly a year ago! i liked making references to her videos, so i was shocked that she actually commented at one point (the crunchyroll promo vid). we kept talking and now... we're buds! it only makes sense that i celebrate a year's anniversary/her bday by dedicating an entire animatic to stets (*´︶`*)╯♡ 4. moooooore notes to come! i actually got sore hands at one point, but funnily on my left hand. i think it was because i was stretching my fingers to ctrl-z too much lmao thanks for ~116k subs! woah. almost 120 thousand of y'all. i'm grateful for the support i get while i try to balance everything i need to do. i hope a nearly 4 minute animatic makes up for the gap ^^ --- (psst....check out her channel!) stets uninu: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC086PKOX4nx0rGn0Vgj8aMw] love like you: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bauCeRvAeZM] --- programs: paint tool sai + sony vegas 15 time: ~6 days frames: 338 --- tumblr: (http://sangled.tumblr.com/) twitter: (https://twitter.com/Sanghizzle) deviantart: (http://sangled.deviantart.com/) redbubble: (http://www.redbubble.com/people/sangarts/shop)
Steven Universe,фэндомы,Sangled,SU video,Lapis Lazuli,SU Персонажи,Amethyst (SU),Peridot,Steven (SU),Garnet (SU),Pearl (SU),Greg Universe,Yellow Diamond,Blue Diamond,Pink Diamond,Connie Maheswaran,Sardonyx,Ruby (SU),Sapphire (SU)
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