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Through His Eyes - A Steven Universe Inspired Original Song,Music,,I have a Patreon! Click here if you enjoy my stuff and want to support it! http://www.patreon.com/rizu If you'd like, you can buy the song here! https://princessrizu.bandcamp.com/track/through-his-eyes This is my own original song, based on the wonderful Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (which I am in no way affiliated with, much to my dismay). The song takes place from Pearl's point of view, and is about her relationship with Rose Quartz and the conflicting feelings that she has about Steven because of it. I hope you enjoy! Please forgive the artifacting/fuzziness. I'm new to green screens/keying, but I'm learning more and improving all the time! Since this song is from Pearl's point of view, I decided to do a sort of Pearl X Rizu fusion look for the video. Pearizu? I also chose a Steven Universe-y space background because of the song's comparisons of Pearl's love for Rose with her love for space. I realize it's kind of reminiscent of Lapis as well, but this was the background that I felt fit the most. :) Vocals, Melody, and Lyrics: Rizu Instrumental: Jukedeck https://soundcloud.com/princessrizu/through-his-eyes-instrumental Inspiration and Pictures: Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar Lyrics: Your beauty shone more brightly than a dying star Your bravery more powerful than ten quasars Can you blame me now for all the hours I grieve? I always thought that you would never leave You were a burst of light A beacon of rebirth I fought right by your side Defending planet Earth But when I see him there It makes me want to cry Wond'ring if you see me through his eyes Steven is a gem Steven is a joy Steven tries so hard For such a little boy Steven's gem contains such power when it glows Steven's wonderful But Steven is not Rose In your absence we have done the best we can To raise him as our own according to your plan I know it's not his fault, and I have crippling shame But sometimes I feel he's the one to blame Ohhhh... Please forgive me, Rose I know I'm a disgrace I try so hard to care for Steven in your place Now all that I can do Is teach him what he's worth I promise Steven will protect your Earth We are a family now We will honor your grace We'll stick together like titanium in space I know you're part of him His gem preserves your name But deep down I know it's just not the same Rose, if you're listening now I have just this to say I don't deserve to, but I'll guide him anyway I will not let you down Through all the lows and highs I hope that you will see me through his eyes I DO NOT OWN, NOR AM I AFFILIATED WITH STEVEN UNIVERSE, WHICH IS OWNED BY REBECCA SUGAR AND CARTOON NETWORK.
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