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Steven Universe Animatic_Popular,Entertainment,Steven Universe,Pearl,Yellow Pearl,Wicked,Popular,Animatic,This one was actually a request! But it was SUCH A GOOD REQUEST! How could I not repay you guys with another animatic? The feedback on the last one was ASTOUNDING! I can't thank you guys enough... I hope you like this one! Yellow Pearl and CG Pearl tryin' to get along I suppose!
Steven Universe Animatic_Defying Gravity,Entertainment,Steven Universe,Pearl,Blue Pearl,Blue Diamond,Wicked,Defying Gravity,Vimeo version! In case you can't view it on YouTube! Hello all! This is an animatic I made with the thought of, what if Pearl and Blue Pearl had once been friends? Before the war, and before the rebellion. Pearl wants BP to go with her, but she just can't find it in herself to leave her diamond, or see sense in the rebellion. Still, they both love each other and support their friend's decisions. I had a lot of fun making this animatic, and started it back in early September last year! I had gone a long time without working on it, and I think you may be able to tell when I started up again lol Hope you enjoy it!
SU video,Steven universe,фэндомы,Pearl (SU),SU Персонажи,jankybones,Yellow Pearl,Blue Pearl,Blue Diamond,Yellow Diamond,Rose Quartz
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это аниматика из предстоящей серии?
Lunar Lunar 29.01.201707:03 ответить ссылка -1.9
Из предстоящей серии? С перловками алмазов, а значит и с самими алмазами? Ага, щас! Разошлись они! Сюжет им подавай! Бомба была и хватит с вас, на год!
Это своего рода кроссовер - с мюзиклом Wicked (его бы в теги), а анимация авторская
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